Pets Go Raw – Econo Mini Bulk 4.5KG


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Pets Go Raw Econo Mini Bulk will contain at least 3 different proteins – one of which will probably be chicken. Turkey is also in most cases, as is some beef. All of our other proteins will be included as we are processing them and have some ‘left over’.

The proteins may be mixed together or could be separate. That is, one patty may have chicken and lamb in it while another may have turkey, beef and pork. These are just examples of possibilities.

We consider this a balanced diet, as there is at least 95% of our full meals in every case. We have updated the processing of our variety pack to make sure that we have more of the full meal in every case.

There would possibly also be 5% of our protein w/ veggies & fruit mixes (these do not have eggs, liver or kelp).

There will be no protein only patties in a Econo Mini Bulk Case.

This is an option for people who’s pets are not food sensitive as we do not mark down which proteins are in any one case.

Because we are making use of our extra product at the end of the day, we can offer this at a great price!

There are 18 patties in every Econo Mini Bulk Case. The patties are approximately 1/2 lb.

To calculate how much raw food to feed your dog click here.

Supplement with a suitable cold-pressed oil, preferably from an animal/fish source.

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3 reviews for Pets Go Raw – Econo Mini Bulk 4.5KG

  1. B Tallman (verified owner)

    My 2 little dogs LOVE this! Love how an all-in-1 meal that is very healthy for my dogs.

    The one downfall is the time it takes to thaw and cut – as well as additional space in freezer.

  2. Bob Murray (verified owner)

    This dog food is great for my dog as he is missing all of his teeth and hard food was not going well for him. I feed him in the morning get another pattie out and leave and on the counter until it starts to thaw out (about an hour or two. Then put in the fridge ready for the next day. He loves it. Good food for him. Good product.

  3. Helen

    I’m finding that the pucks are having more and more bones and grissel in them. I just had one that also had hair in it. I have a small dog and he can’t be checking. I’ve been picking the bones out for a while now but big pieces of grissel now. Not happy with the product

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Pets Go Raw – Econo Mini Bulk 4.5KG

1 in stock (can be backordered)

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