Hemp 4 Tails – Hemp Seed Oil – X Large Breed


Hemp 4 Tails – Hemp Seed Oil – X Large Breed

This Hemp Oil XLarge Breed contains 1200mg of hemp terpenes and is recommended for large pets (100lbs and above).

Hemp Oil XLarge Breed can help with: Anxiety, cancer, seizure, epilepsy, pain, chronic inflammation, bowel disease, nervous system, appetite, nausea, cardiovascular health, and arthritis.

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CO₂ extracted hemp terpenes and organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil.

1ml to 2ml per day*.
*If your pet is currently on a prescribed medication, please consult your Veterinarian before taking.

Finding the correct dose of Hemp Oil XLarge Breed for you pet doesn’t need to be confusing. There are two main factors to consider when finding the correct dose for your fur kid. One is your pet’s weight, and the other if the severity of their ailment. For most ailments you will be able to dose your pet based off our weight-based formulas but if your pet is dealing with a severe ailment (chronic pain, inflammation, debilitating disease etc.) you will want to consider giving them a higher strength formula than their weight class.

All of our products are non-psychoactive and will cause no harm to your pet even if you need to give them more than our recommended dosage.

We have 4 different weight-based strengths which includes our Small Breed (under 25lb)Medium Breed (25lb-60lb)Large Breed (60lb-100lb), and Extra Large Breed (over 100lb). With all of our formulas, we recommend starting with 0.5ml twice a day and then adjusting the dosage if desired results are not reached within a week. To increase your pets dosage we recommended increasing by 0.25ml (per dose) every 3 days until desired results are reached.

Additional information
Weight0.03 kg
Dimensions2.54 × 2.54 × 12.70 cm

30ML, 90ML

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