Pets Go Raw – Ground Chicken with Organ Meat 25lb


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Ground Chicken with Organ Meat, this can be the basis for your own recipe. These meals may be supplemented with a suitable cold-pressed oil, preferably from an animal/fish source.

Ingredients: Ground Chicken (including bone), organ meat

Includes: Loose 1/2 lb. patties

Guaranteed Analysis:

Dry BaseAs Fed
Crude Fat33.2%10.92%
Crude Fiber0%0%

When reading the guaranteed analysis, the “as fed” analysis is how the product comes from our warehouse frozen. The “dry base” analysis would be if you were to dehydrate the raw food at your home.

Generally, mature dogs should be fed about 2% of their ideal body weight and puppies about 5%. You can look at the graphs below, or go straight to our Food Calculator that will help you figure out exactly how much muscle meat you need to feed your cat or dog every day.

Mature dog

25-lb dog = 0.5 lb per day

50-lb dog = 1 lb per day

75-lb dog = 1.5 lbs per day

100-lb dog = 2 lbs per day


10-lb dog = 0.5 lb per day

20-lb dog = 1 lb per day

30-lb dog = 1.5 lb per day

40-lb dog = 2 lb per day

(Feed your puppy until it is full grown 1 yr for a small or medium dog or 2 yrs for a larger breed)

Additional information
Weight888 kg
Dimensions56 × 36 × 13 cm
Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Pets Go Raw – Ground Chicken with Organ Meat 25lb

  1. Desi Chrapko (verified owner)

    My dog loves the chicken from sturgeon county kennels. I love it because of the east to handle patties, with reasonable prices!

  2. Debra Rudolph (verified owner)

    My 9 year old GSD has eaten raw all her life. I just started feeding this product ( switched from a previous raw product) and my dog is healthy and thriving. The pucks are easy to feed frozen and the cases stack neatly in the freezer.

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Pets Go Raw – Ground Chicken with Organ Meat 25lb

3 in stock (can be backordered)

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