Bristly Brushing Stick


Bristly Brushing Stick

Let your dogs brush their own teeth & freshen their own breath!

Bristly Brushing Stick is the only 2-in-1 dog dental chew toy that lets dogs take control of their own dental health every day.

  • Made from tear resistant rubber, Bristly Brushing Stick is safe and durable.
  • Bristle-lined grooves that brush dog’s teeth down to the gum line
  • Toothpaste reservoir below the bristles.
  •  Flavored & Scented for a yummy brushing experience
  • Durable easy-to-hold nylon paw pads with brushing nubs for added dental benefit & extended play!
  • Side nudges for extra friction and brushing
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Weight1 kg

Small, Medium, Large

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