5 Things to Know Before You Board!

Finding a great boarding facility that you can trust with your pets can be a difficult yet rewarding experience. When you drop your pets off at a reputable facility, you’ll know that the level of expert care provided and personal attention given to your pets will keep them happy, safe, and comfortable while you’re away. 

We want to help make sure that you do find that great boarding facility, and so we have the “5 Things to Know Before You Board!” guide. If you have any questions, please contact us at 780-921-3336 with any questions or concerns you may have about boarding your pets.

Take a Surprise Tour

We fully welcome tours of our facility at any time during regular business hours – with no appointment necessary. A great boarding facility is always ready to showcase all areas that your dog will be during his or her stay, and we take great pride in offering this to our potential customers. While during, make sure to take notice of the facility’s cleanliness, see if there are any unpleasant odours, and don’t be shy to ask about cleaning protocol!

Meet the Staff

It is critical for both you and your dog to meet the people who will be taking care of your dog day-to-day while you’re away.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you feel comfortable with the staff, and does your dog seem at ease around them?
  • How knowledgeable are they about dog behaviour and the boarding process?
  • What kind of questions are you asked? Staff will need to know things like whether your dog has been boarded before, if they’ve been socialized with other animals, if they have allergies or medications, and anything else relevant to your dog’s particular and individual needs.
  • Watch how the staff and your dog interact. Is the staff attentive, friendly, warm, and making a good impression with you and your dog?

Consider How You’ll Contact Them & How They’ll Contact You

It’s best to know beforehand how to get in touch with the boarding facility while you’re away. At Sturgeon County Kennels, clients can call, text, or email us directly, and we always ask for your cellphone and emergency contact information.

Kennels like ours also offer a way to keep you updated and informed about your dog’s stay whil you’re away. We offer “Activity Feeds” that include information about what your dog did that day, who they socialized with, information regarding any stress levels, and maybe even a picture or two!

Know the Emergency Plan

Emergencies can happen at any time, and while no one wants anything to go wrong while a dog is boarding, reality is that it can happen and a boarding facility always needs an emergency plan in place.

  • Ensure you’ve filled out the “Emergency Contact” section of our check in sheet and keep the information up to date through our “Customer Portal”. Emergency contact information should include name and telephone of your veterinarian, and one or two local & trusted people to contact in your absence.
  • Know what the boarding facility deems worthy of a trip to the veterinarian or hospital, and know if they are willing to take your animal there in case of an emergency! At Sturgeon County Kennels, the animal’s welfare is the most important thing and we are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Know What to Bring

Please bring an adequate supply of your dog’s food for their boarding stay. We have found over the years that changing a dog’s diet can upset their system and cause stress during and after their stay, and so it’s best practice to keep them on a consistent diet. 

Bringing a bed is also a great idea – we feature in-floor heated concrete pads but a bed is always much more comfortable to rest on. Also – feel free to bring in toys or a few items to remind them of home. A lightly used blanket or t-shirt can be great for this.

Be sure to bring any medicine or special treats. We will write down your instructions to administer them.

Please also bring a copy of your up-to-date vaccinations and bring them back every time you get a new vaccination shot. We track all our guest’s vaccinations and require everybody to have all standard shots before boarding.

Most boarding facilities supply leashes and dishes and prefer to use theirs, so it is not necessary to bring those items.

We hope these “5 Things to Know Before You Board” have helped answer any questions. Please contact Sturgeon County Kennels at 780-921-3336 with any other questions or concerns that you may have about boarding your dog.

We look forward to meeting you and your pets!

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